PrettyMerch Privacy Policy

We at PrettyMerch are committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy applies to our browser extension (PrettyMerch and PrettyMerch Pro) and our website (

PrettyMerch does not gather or process any of your information on its own servers. The information gathered (e.g. sales data) is used locally, on your own computer and solely for the core functionality of PrettyMerch. This data is not transferred to external services/servers.

What information is being stored, or accessed?

Login/Username: An encrypted version of your username is stored locally. This is used a form of id to help us identify the cached data for different accounts, e.g. if you have more than one Merch account.

Sales Data: Your sales data is downloaded and stored locally when you load PrettyMerch. This allows the extension to load sales info faster since it doesn't have to download the whole history of your sales every time you log in.

Options: Your preferences in the Options section are saved in Chrome's sync memory. This means that your options are synced across all your computers if you are logged in to your Chrome account. This allows you to install PrettyMerch on several computers and not have to re-select your Options each time.

PrettyMerch does not handle payments and does not have access to your payment information. Payments are handled by Gumroad ( and all transactions are processed through their website.

Where is my information being stored?

Your information is stored in Google Chrome's memory which is accessible via the WebExtensions API.

This memory is provided by the browser and is divided into 2 categories - local memory and sync memory. Data stored in local memory remains on that specific computer. Data stored in sync memory is "synchronised" across browsers on all your computers. The synchronisation is encrypted and handled by Google Chrome.

PrettyMerch does not have access to your computer's file system, i.e. we cannot access your files or store anything outside of the memory provided by Chrome.

Can I delete all information stored by PrettyMerch?

Yes. You can simply remove the extension and all data saved by PrettyMerch will be deleted.

Data accessible through WebExtensions API

WebExtension APIs used within Chrome Extensions have fine-grained permission levels that are enforced by the Web Browser, restricting information that our extension has access to within your Browser. The PrettyMerch extension can only access specific information that you have explicitly granted permission for. We can not and do not track your browsing history.

What services/sub-processors do you use?

PrettyMerch (Free)
We do not use any external services.

PrettyMerch (Pro)
Gumroad API: This is used to validate your licence and confirm that your subscription is active. Only your licence key is transferred to Gumroad, nothing else.

What happens to my data when I remove/delete the extension?

When you remove the extension, all your data which is stored locally is deleted. PrettyMerch does not transfer, process or store any of your data on it's own servers.

Is my data secure?

Locally: Data which is stored locally can only be accessed if someone has access to your computer, and only using special software to view Google Chrome's local memory. Even in the extreme case that this happens, your personal data (e.g. login information) is saved in an encrypted format, rendering it useless for anyone who does manage to access it.

In Transit: All data communication in transit from your browser to external servers (e.g. is secured using HTTPS. Google Chrome's sync function is handled by the browser.

Will the privacy policy change?

Although most changes are likely to be minor, PrettyMerch may change its Privacy Policy from time to time, and at PrettyMerch's sole discretion. PrettyMerch encourages visitors to frequently check this page for any changes to its Privacy Policy. Your continued use of this site after any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such change.

If you have any questions about PrettyMerch’s Privacy policy, please contact us at

Last Update: 25/07/2019